First COSMIC show

First COSMIC show

January 13, 2017 

Santa Monica, CA
Pico Youth & Family Center
Words by Ali Bilal

     January 13, 2017 the first COSMIC DEMISE show in Santa Monica California, a year after the birth of the brand. You may not realize how deep the layers go behind the COSMIC DEMISE shows but there’s a lot underneath the surface. Before the brand had it’s very first event in 2017, while I was still attending Santa Monica High School, after school I would walk across the street with my friends to spend the rest of the afternoon at
Pico Youth & Family Center to record in their music studio, this place is where I learned how to create songs. This youth center is majority traditional old school hiphop, so when I came in making my rap punk music, that genre was very new to them but every chance that I got I would ask if I could throw a concert in their building and eventually they gave me the opportunity to curate my first show with live performances, galleries of artwork and vendor booths selling custom clothing...all by local independent artist, which were all my friends at the time. I never was popular in high school but it felt like the whole school was at my party and even people from other schools came. The energy inside the building was uncontrollable, this was the first time the youth center ever had this many people in their building at once and had never experienced mosh pits and crowdsurfing. The party was starting to get more and more chaotic as time went by but before the building exploded the show got shut down after less than 2 hours of the doors opening.

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