CDVX2500: Security Camera

[ Story by Ali Bilal ]

After a Security Guard gets into a fight with a group of reckless teen skateboarders, on his first day at work, the Security Guard steals their skateboard and brings it home to his little sister but forbids her from riding it. She doesn’t listen and rides the skateboard anyway to the beach late at night, then discovers a mysterious camcorder buried in the sand. Later finding out that this camera holds dangerous secrets that a group of hackers don’t want to be found.


   In the middle of the night, two friends bury a treasure chest box into a hole in the sand at the beach. They hide the box in hopes that it does not get found, because of the horrifying experience they had in the past with the object inside the box. One friend is nervous and afraid while the other friend is determined and courageous but they are both in a tense and anxious state while hiding the box before getting caught.


   Inside a downtown business lobby, a security guard is on his first day of work watching a training video. A group of skateboarders begin to film for a Sponsor-Me-Tape Contest outside of the lobby. The security guard attempts to kick them out but the rebellious skaters refuse. The situation escalates to a fight after the security guard breaks the skate filmer’s camera. The skaters run away to avoid being arrested but one of the skaters accidentally forgets his board at the spot.


   The security guard comes back home with the skateboard that was left behind by one of the skaters that he just fought. The security guard is the legal guardian for his younger brother, since their parents are stuck out of town until the quarantine is over, the older brother has authority over the younger brother and forbids him from skateboarding. Being a curious and bored young teen stuck at home during quarantine, the boy sneaks out with the skateboard and explores the beach city. The boy then discovers the hidden treasure chest box in the sand.


   The skaters that fought the security guard from earlier, are now hanging out with their friends at a beach skate spot. As everyone is partying, the skater who was working on filming for the Sponsor-Me-Tape Contest is disappointed that he’s stuck with a crappy hand-me-down skateboard because his board is missing and can no longer use the camera to film for the contest. For this determined skater, this contest is the most important event of his life but not so much for his friend who is the impatient filmer, because as a filmer he feels as if he’s not getting the attention he deserves being behind the camera and doesn’t care about the broken camera.


   The young boy carries the treasure box he found hidden in the sand and rides the skateboard passed the group of skaters. The skater’s “spider sense” triggers when they hear the skateboard roll pass and instantly discovers that the board belongs to the skater who left the skateboard in downtown. The skaters aggressively interrogate the young boy about where he found that board. One of the skaters notices the strange object the young boy is carrying and asks the young boy to open the treasure chest box.


   Inside the box is a supernatural VHS camera called CDVX2500. This device holds the power of clairvoyance and precognition, giving the viewer the ability to visually see a person's thoughts, predictions and aura by projecting a clone that expresses what’s on the mind of the person in front of the camera. The expressive clone of the focal person will represent their true identity, revealing their motives and a glimpse of a person’s imagination of what they believe will happen in the future before the action occurs. Knowing what a person is going to do before they do it, can either be used against them or can be in favor of a person. Whoever has this camera in their possession can either use it for virtue or for evil.


  Before the camera was buried, it belonged to Big Brother, a totalitarian government organization that monitors civilians. With the advanced technology of the camera, the Big Brother would be able to further spy and control society by exposing every thought a person has, which can result in jailing everyone who “thinks” of committing a crime. Secret agents are sent to hunt for the camera


     The young boy is unaware of the seriousness of this camera and to impress his new skateboard friends, he uses the camcorder to film their skate videos. The skaters suddenly perform better than they ever had, since through the camera’s lens, the young boy is able to see and improve the flaws in the skaters as he films them performing their skate maneuvers. The determined skater sees his opportunity to win the Sponsor-Me-Tape Contest but the original filmer becomes envious because the young boy replaced him as a filmer.


   The determined skater takes the young boy to the same downtown spot, where he was kicked out by the security guard, to continue the maneuver he was trying originally. Neither one of them are aware that the same security guard who kicked out the determined skater, is the older brother of the young boy.


   The skater is getting closer to landing the highly anticipated “Final Banger” that will complete his Sponsor-Me-Tape for the contest. The young boy patiently waits for the skater to land his trick as he films every attempt. Suddenly the Big Brother secret agent appears after the long search for the camera and approaches the young boy. After many failed attempts, the skater finally lands his trick and bursts into joy as he celebrates but the skater is unaware that the young boy was not filming.


   The agent struggles to retrieve the camera as the young boy fights back in a tug of war. The skater jumps in to help fight off the agent and in the midst of the scuffle...a loud bang pops off. The skater drops to the ground with a gunshot wound as the agent points a gun at him. The agent then turns to the young boy and notices the boy was filming the whole time. The security guard quickly runs to the scene to respond to the sound of the gun shot. The anxious agent grabs the security guard, who is the young boy’s older brother, and threatens to shoot him if the young boy does not give up the camera. Out of fear of losing his brother, the boy gives the camera to the agent. Since the agent was caught on film shooting the skater, the agent destroys the camera and leaves. Before the young boy handed the agent the camera, the boy secretly took out the cassette tape out while the agent was unaware.


   The young boy and his older brother go to the beach at night to bury the cassette tape and a piece of the camera. Out of remorse, the young boy apologizes to his older brother because the boy believes all this wouldn’t have happened if he would have listened to his brother’s command about not skateboarding. The older brother admits that he was wrong for not acknowledging the love and passion the young boy has for skating. Suddenly, the young boy gets a flashback of a profound memory of his skater friend, explaining to him how lost he would be if skateboarding wasn’t in his life and he couldn’t imagine a life without it.


   Five years later, a young girl stumbles across the hole and digs up what’s inside. She finds the cassette tape and the piece of the camera.